A promoter showing a new app to her friend

Positive Feedback is Free Marketing

There’s nothing more validating than people telling you how much they love your app. Well, money. Money is pretty validating. But aside from that. The good vibes don’t have to stop with you, though. You can take positive feedback and turn it into free marketing material. And that’s as good as money. One of the…
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Encourage happy app users to leave positive App Store reviews

Encourage Positive App Store Reviews

59% of people check App Store ratings before downloading an app, according to the State of Mobile App Engagement. Therefore you should encourage users to leave positive App Store reviews for your app. When positive App Store reviews outnumber negative, the majority of potential users will become more likely to install your product. In recent…
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Review meeting

Manage App Store Reviews

Once your product is live in the App Store, you may believe the hard work is over. However, you’re just getting started. Users will have questions that require a customer support process. Some will leave glowing reviews on social media. And some users will leave plenty of disgruntled feedback in the App Store. Once this…
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Prevent negative App Store reviews before your app gets wasted

Prevent Negative App Store Reviews

Undesirable Effects of Negative App Store Reviews According to a Dimensional Research survey, 7% of users who experience an app crash or other negative experience will leave a negative review in the App Store. Further, the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer states that most customers are likely to tell 16 or more people about a…
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Responding to Problems – Craft Your Message

According to the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer, 59% of customers are willing to try a new service for a better customer service experience. Similarly, 70% of US customers are willing to spend more money with a company that provides excellent customer service. Responding to problems is a powerful customer service tactic that can lead…
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Critic's new onboarding experience, showing how easy it is to get started in iOS

Critic Update: New Onboarding Experience, Mobile Libraries

Recent User Feedback on Critic I’ve been asking several users what they think of Critic. I want to know whether it meets their needs for receiving and responding to bug reports and customer feedback. This has caused me to make a few changes to the registration process, new user onboarding, and the data provided by…
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Reviewing user analytics is one way to learn from failure

How to Learn from Failure

Identify the Source of Failure In order to learn from failure, you must first recognize that you did indeed fail. However, personal failure or team failure is easy to gloss over. There are plenty of excuses you can tell yourself to protect your—or your team’s—ego. Maybe the competition was tough, or the market was saturated,…
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Analyzing the numbers

Should You Offer a Free Plan or a Free Trial?

What’s the Difference? There are so many possibilities when you begin evaluating pricing structures for a SaaS (software-as-a-service) product. Giving new users free access—even if only for a limited time—can be a great way to gain traction with potential customers. Some potential customers may be interested enough to invest their time into trying your product,…
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iPhone with a cracked screen

8 Data Points to Help Diagnose Software Problems

Some Bugs are Hard to Diagnose When you start to diagnose software problems reported by your app’s users, you may find yourself at a loss. What is causing such odd behavior? Is it specific to the user’s phone, or an outdated version of the app, or something else? It’s hard to know. However, there are…
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Product Hunt launch page for Critic

Being Featured on Product Hunt: My Experience and Lessons Learned

While Critic has been publicly available for a while, I have not really promoted it much outside of this site. I decided to launch on Product Hunt after researching competing products and their path to gaining traction. Similar products have done well there, and Product Hunt has a fantastic audience. There are not many sites that give…
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