Is Critic Right for Your Agency?

This checklist will help you decide if the Critic Enterpise Plan meets the needs of you and your clients. If Critic sounds like a great fit, you can begin a free trial and start collecting customer feedback for your clients!

Get Started with Inventiv Critic

✓ Do you want to increase your clients’ user retention rates?

According to a Dimensional Research survey of 3,011 mobile app users, 53% of mobile users say they uninstall an app after experiencing a crash or freeze. Additionally, 37% of respondents stated that they think less of a company’s brand after experiencing a crash or error in one of their apps. With Critic, you can identify the underlying cause behind bug reports and fix problems more quickly. Since users are so critical of app problems and the companies that make them, responding to reported issues quickly is a necessary aspect of customer retention.

✓ Do you want actionable customer feedback instead of vague problem reports?

Critic includes product-aware data alongside feedback reports. Your development team can attach logs, screenshots, JSON metadata, account IDs, or any other information you choose. This extra information will help your development and support team diagnose and fix software problems faster. Skip the back-and-forth with clients and end users. Automate bug reporting and device diagnostics with Critic.

✓ Do you want to increase the stickiness factor you have with clients?

Under the Critic Enterprise Plan, you can treat Critic as an additional service offering you manage for clients. Demonstrating that you can triage and resolve customer feedback and bug reports will increase client confidence in your team. You can integrate Critic into your standard pitch, designing engagements that propose long-term customer support services, production bug reporting, and defect resolution.

✓ Would you prefer private feedback before receiving a negative App Store review?

Negative App Store reviews are embarassing and potentially damaging to your product brand. However, you can bring Critic’s feedback functionality into your clients’ products, reducing the likelihood of customers going straight to the App Store to complain. Take the opportunity to respond quickly to user feedback before one bad experience becomes forever associated with your clients’ products.

✓ Do you wish you had insight into user feedback for all of your clients?

Oftentimes agencies will hear about problems in products they developed after everyone else is already frustrated. Users have moved on, your client is frustrated with user churn, and you’re caught completely by surprise. Alternatively, you’re integrating Critic into every product you build and you become the first person to hear about bug reports. Your clients will be delighted that you are monitoring, proactively investigating, and responding to user feedback. Critic can alleviate your client’s stress associated with tier-one customer support and give you the data points you need to analyze and fix bugs quickly.

✓ Can you customize your customer feedback user experience?

We offer mobile client libraries and a REST API as part of the Critic Standard Plan. This means you can create whatever feedback submission experience you would like within your client s’ products. Customize the screens, required fields, report attachments, and more to maintain a consistent brand experience with the rest of your applications.

✓ Do you want a customer feedback service that grows with your company?

Unlike other customer feedback and bug reporting services, Critic’s pricing model is not based on the number of users you have. Instead, pricing is based on the number of products you add to Critic. Pay for what you use, not for who is using it. The Critic Enterprise Plan is your first step toward increasing client retention and customer satisfaction.

Are You Interested?

Your clients will benefit from a faster time-to-resolution. Support team members will be happy to have actionable customer feedback. Developers won’t have to guess to find and fix problems. You will experience less stress when it comes time to launch your clients’ awesome products.