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53% of users who experience a crash will uninstall your app.

But it doesn’t end there. According to Dimensional Research, 7% of those users will leave a negative review in the App Store. Thankfully, Critic lets users submit feedback in your app and gives you device information you need to fix problems quickly. Stop user attrition and bad reviews by adding Critic to your app today.

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Actionable customer feedback drives user retention.

When you receive a bug report or other feedback from your customers, oftentimes you need more than just a written description of what the user thinks happened. Critic automatically gives your team the critical information you need to fix problems and prevent customer attrition. This includes application logs, device health stats, and product-specific data. Making this information readily available to your team decreases time-to-resolution for bug reports. Also, you can easily integrate Critic into your existing products with just a few lines of code.


App logs and screenshots can be sent with every feedback report. Your team will have the appropriate context needed to diagnose and fix reported problems.


Your app will send JSON metadata with each report, so you can reference your app’s account IDs, location info, or anything else your team needs to know.


Every report from a smartphone includes battery stats, disk usage, memory usage, and more to help you identify device-specific problems with your application.


Critic has an intuitive web portal, extensive REST API, and simple client libraries for Android, iOS, and JavaScript to make adoption as easy as possible for you and your team.

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Sign up today and lock in a 30% discount on our Standard Plan with Coupon Code HUNTERStop negative app store reviews and retain more users. Gather bug reports with Critic before minor issues become major problems. Let your users shake their phones to send bug reports. Automatically receive application logs and other data you need with each bug report. Save weeks of time coming up with your own solution by adding Critic to your app today.

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Critic makes finding bugs simple.

Add Critic customer feedback to your product with a few lines of code. Once that’s done, your team will receive email notifications when users submit new reports. You can review report details through an easy-to-use web portal. With device statistics, logs, and product-specific data collected from your application, you will have everything you need to resolve problems quickly.

Native Mobile and Web Support

Simple client libraries for Android, iOS, and JavaScript make it easy to get started. If you don’t like the default Critic experience, you can use our open-source libraries to create a user experience that matches your brand.

Web-Based Support Portal

You can manage access to customer feedback and bug reports through Critic’s support portal. Set up products, team members, and notifications with ease. You can also review a guide on integrating Critic into your apps.

Auto-Collected Diagnostic Data

Device statistics, application logs, and other product-specific data you control are added alongside each report users submit within your app. Additionally, you can use our REST API to tie this data to other systems.

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