Insight shows you how to engage employees

Whether you are a new leader or a veteran working to scale your organization, Insight can help you facilitate employee engagement. Insight provides actionable insights and concrete guidance that show how to engage employees.

Team responses to our engagement surveys will tell you how to engage employees

Engagement surveys, ready to go

Send an employee engagement survey to your entire team with just a few clicks. We have ready-to-send survey templates so you can focus on helping your team, not managing surveys. We also remind unresponsive employees to complete their survey, maximizing your response rate and giving you the best engagement data possible.

Reports explain what matters to each team member and personalizes ideas for how to engage employees

Team reports & people insights

As survey responses come in, you'll see real-time reporting that you can begin acting on immediately. Reports include overall engagement trends, team members' perception of company performance on key engagement factors, and insight into what individual team members value most.

AI-powered action plans show leaders how to engage employees

Auto-generated action plans

By analyzing survey responses, Insight creates individualized action plans for each team member. These action plans give leaders suggestions for the most impactful actions they can take to facilitate higher levels of engagement. Action plans are automatically created for each team member as they respond to the employee engagement survey and can be customized by team leaders based on their own personal knowledge and expertise.

Let's discover how to best engage employees on your team.

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A growing and engageed team building a rocketship

Weekly leadership guidance

Team leaders also receive weekly email recommendations on how to make the best of employee engagement. Action plan suggestions, recommendations on who needs attention the most, and a summary of your team's engagement are delivered straight to your inbox every week.

A team that became more successful after leadership identified how to engage employees on an individual level

Our playbook guides the way

Action plans are composed of plays from our employee engagement playbook. Plays are selected for each team member based on what they value and how they feel about the company's performance against each of our identified engagement factors.

Company leadership preparing a presentation on how to engage employees

Organizational health report

Company-wide reports include a breakdown of organization engagement health. See a visual overview of your company org chart with color-coded metrics that show you at-a-glance which teams are highly engaged, highly satisfied, or need the most support. Executive reports also include insights and recommendations that can help top-level leaders best influence employee engagement across the entire organization.

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