Ask "How's It Going?"


When asking team members a question, they'll usually assume you're looking for a specific answer, which limits the insight and support you can offer your people. Broaden your conversations by asking a simple open-ended question: how's it going?

Why We Do It

If you ask your people “how’s it going?" questions regularly, you will open up dialog around ways to identify and fix problems in their jobs, your team, and your entire organization. Establishing a personal connection through regular, relaxed conversation will encourage team members to share more candid feedback. They will be more likely to share their observations and opinions on what needs to change in their work life.

Recognizing your team members as people, not just workers, changes their perception of the job. It increases their appreciation of you because you are taking an interest in their personal lives, not just the professional tasks at hand. If you approach these open-ended conversations with sincere interest in the person, they will recognize it and value your interest in them. This simple “how’s it going?” action demonstrates your respect for them and your willingness to help.

Additionally, establishing this rapport with team members will encourage them to actively come to you with ideas and problems without waiting to be asked. Eventually, you may not even have to start the conversation. Your team will be constantly raising valuable feedback to you without any prompting whatsoever! You are creating a positive feedback loop with your people.

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