State Your Beliefs


Hearing from one’s leader about what he or she believes can have a powerful impact on morale and motivation. Consistently stating what you feel is important and how you think your team can get there helps align them to a purpose.

Why We Do It

A team’s culture is built around a set of values. If you hire, promote, and reward people who are very process-oriented, you’re demonstrating that you value process and rule-following. If you hire, promote, and reward employees who are excellent communicators, that becomes part of your team’s culture. To deliberately manage your team’s culture, your actions with how you manage and curate your team should be intentionally aligned with those values.

Actions speak louder than words (so consider that if your actions don’t match your words, because your team will notice), but that doesn’t mean the words have no value. For many organizations, the exercise of stating the team’s values prompts the effort to codify its values, which is worthwhile in itself.

Many organizations do a fairly good job mentioning values on their website or during new-hire training. Once new employees settle in, however, they are often not refreshed on the concepts.

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