Give Socratic Guidance

People like being able to solve their own problems. When they come to you with unsolved problems, it is an opportunity to help them become better at solving their problems themselves. Offer Socratic guidance instead of answers.

What is Employee Engagement?

What is employee engagement, and how do you influence employees to be engaged? Identify how employees demonstrate they are engaged, what is encompassed by engagement, how to measure it, and how you can influence it.

Take a Break

Direct an employee to either take a break. Give them the day off or encourage them to work from home. This is a great reward for someone who has been putting in extra time to meet a deadline or is otherwise working to support the team's goals.

How Often Should You Survey Your Team?

There are a few common survey cadences most companies adhere to. How can you determine when you should survey your team? We break down the common schedules, types of surveys, and the critical deciding factor for scheduling your company's surveys.

Ask "How's It Going?"

When asking team members a question, they'll usually assume you are looking for a specific answer, which limits the insight and support you can offer your people. Broaden your conversations by asking a simple open-ended question: how's it going?

12 Myths About Employee Engagement

There are many myths and half-truths about employee engagement. This article covers 12 common myths about employee engagement. We identify what engagement is actually about, and how you can influence engagement in your team, either as an individual contributor or as a leader of people.

Ways to Retain Knowledge Prior to a Departure

Are you worried about losing knowledge held by a departing employee? Use these strategies and tactics to prevent the brain drain before it starts. Retain knowledge held by soon-to-be-gone employees, and institute tools and processes that promote sharing of important knowledge.

Why to Promote from Within

Promote from within your organization to accelerate training and increase acceptance of your decision. Among numerous other benefits, the promoted employee's peers will be more likely to respect them than an outsider.

The Hidden Toll of Employee Attrition

Beyond the monetary costs of losing and replacing an employee, there are other costs of attrition on your team. Working relationships, confidence in leadership, and employee satisfaction can all be negatively impacted by the termination or resignation of a coworker.

What Is the Cost of Replacing an Employee?

Employees are the most valuable asset in your company, and this math proves that out. Review the monetary cost of replacing an employee, including lost opportunity cost, recruiting costs, and employee onboarding.

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