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Pulse helps you create more engaged employees

You want your team to realize their true potential. And they want to do great work. Pulse helps you create more engaged employees by turning feedback into individualized action plans.

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  • Strengthens company culture
  • Informs leaders of what people need
  • Increases confidence in leadership
  • You'll know what your team thinks
  • You'll worry less about resignations
  • You'll have more engaged employees

Why Pulse?

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Sustainably grow your team

Leaders often start as great individual contributors. But how do you take people who excel at their craft and turn them into capable leaders of people?

Pulse teaches every team leader how to be a great leader by building action plans for each member of their team.

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Engage people to create engaged teams

Pulse determines what things each of your team members care about most and then gives you clear guidance on how to make a positive impact on their work lives. While Alice may care most about compensation, Bob may value autonomy more.

Pulse tells you what actionable things to do for each person based on what they value. Recognizing and responding to individual values and needs will create more engaged employees.

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Learn what works and how to do it

Pulse’s engagement playbook uses machine learning algorithms to become even smarter over time. By identifying which actions produce the most positive outcomes, Pulse offers recommendations that are best suited for your team.

The playbook outlines concrete steps—complete with real-world examples—you can take with team members. These plays show you how to create more satisfied and engaged employees.

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Pulse guides leaders to make more engaged employees

Many people believe leadership is something you're born with. But we believe it's something you learn. Just like any relationship, leadership takes work. Leadership requires learning new things and empathizing with team members' perspectives. Unfortunately, few companies teach leaders to facilitate employee engagement. No wonder only 37% of teams are made up of highly engaged employees!

Employee engagement is a team member's emotional connection and commitment to your organization. Companies that measure engagement are using survey software that describes problems without solutions. In short, most employee engagement software does not actually facilitate employee engagement. Leaders are left to fend for themselves.

Pulse is different. Our employee engagement suite includes an engagement playbook full of actions designed to increase employee engagement. Pulse tells leaders which engagement factors each person currently values most. It then suggests playbook actions for each person—individualized action plans—that will make more engaged employees by influencing their most valued engagement factors.

We'd love for you to try Pulse. If you have any questions before getting started, we'd be happy to answer them. Give us a shot and you'll have more engaged employees in no time.

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