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Inventiv simplifies customer retention, giving you more time to build great products.

Inventiv Critic gives you user feedback with the context you need to save the day.

53% of users uninstall an app after a crash. 37% think less of a company’s brand after a poor app experience. Responding to user feedback and crash reports can prevent this exodus.

Critic collects user feedback within your Android, iOS, or Web app. When a user shakes their phone, they’re given the opportunity to describe a problem or make a suggestion for your product. Behind the scenes, Critic also collects application logs, product-specific data like account IDs, device statistics, and other useful data for troubleshooting problems.

Stop app abandonment before it starts. Add Critic to your product. Start improving your customer retention today.


Critic feedback is more actionable.

Customer feedback and bug reports automatically include application logs, device statistics, and your own product-specific data so you can quickly diagnose and fix bugs. Add Critic to your app to stop the back-and-forth with users and spend less time troubleshooting.


Product teams should be free to innovate.

Valuable product work falls into two categories: work you must do and work you should do. Writing specifications, investigating bug reports, handling customer support, and so many more product management tasks fall into that first category. Unfortunately, these are the types of tasks that occupy most of the time of a typical product team. Product teams are busy handling the problems facing them today instead of looking forward. The work must be done, but it often happens at the expense of the work you should do. 

We believe product teams are most effective when doing work in that second category. Attaining goals, identifying new goals, and validating product ideas with your users are the most valuable uses of your time. Product managers, designers, and software developers should be free to innovateto focus on the work you should dobecause that work will make your product more successful.

Therefore, Inventiv strives to minimize the work you must do so you can focus on the work you should do. We offer tools that free your team to focus on innovative work. Integrate Inventiv products into your tech stach and product management workflow so your team will be free to spend more time attaining product goals and building the next big thing.

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