Saving Money in AWS Without Compromising Availability Twin Sun's Blog

Many AWS customers are shocked by the cost of services as their business scales. Here are a few ways to minimize your AWS bill without sacrificing performance or availability.

The Manifest Hails Twin Sun as Nashville's Best Recommended Design Company for 2022 Twin Sun's Blog

The Manifest, a business news and how-to website, recognizes Twin Sun as a top design company in Nashville.

Can (and Should) You Patent Your App? Twin Sun's Blog

While you can file a patent application for your entire app, it's rarely worth the time and money. However, there may be parts of your app that are worth patenting.

Who Owns Your App's Code? Twin Sun's Blog

You'd think you own your app's code when you hire an app development agency, but that isn't always the case.

How Do I Protect My App Idea? Twin Sun's Blog

Coming up with your mobile app idea is a huge undertaking on its own. Fortunately, protecting your app idea is simple.

Should I Hire App Developers Near Me? Twin Sun's Blog

Our local clients say that keeping their team nearby makes them more comfortable, gives them greater insight into what's going on during development, and eliminates a lot of problems they've experienced with remote or overseas teams.

New Feature: Demo Data in Insight

To help you experience everything Insight has to offer as easily as possible, you can now add demo data to your account with the push of a button.

Tie Professional Goals to Compensation Goals

Compensation is a sensitive topic for many employees. Tie compensation conversations to employees' professional goals to guide a productive conversation.

Schedule One-on-One Time

Schedule one-on-one time with employees to build meaningful connections, understand their concerns, and find ways to improve both of your work experiences.

Encourage Employees to Take Smart Risks

Take smart risks with your employees to unlock their full potential. If they successfully reach a difficult goal, they'll feel more masterful and you will have a more valuable employee.

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