Building a Ruby on Rails App with a Legacy Database Twin Sun's Blog

We needed to utilize data from a legacy app without impacting the existing user experience. Therefore, we decided to connect a new API to the existing database.

Twin Sun Honored as an Best Mobile App Developer in Nashville Twin Sun's Blog, a site for finding the best service professionals, has awarded Twin Sun as one of the Best Mobile App Developers in Nashville.

Securing Sensitive API Calls with Nginx Twin Sun's Blog

We sometimes wish to add an extra layer of authorization between end users and the API. An nginx reverse proxy is an easy way to protect secrets in sensitive API calls.

Identifying Patentable Work and Maximizing Its Value Twin Sun's Blog

Patents protect your ideas from competitors, can create new revenue streams, and can be attractive to investors. We cover how to identify patentable ideas and make the most of your inventions.

Listening: The Simplest Way to Find Your Brand's Voice Twin Sun's Blog

How do you define your brand's voice? We uncovered the top three qualities of our communication that clients already respond to and amplified those qualities across all of our marketing.

Saving Money in AWS Without Compromising Availability Twin Sun's Blog

Many AWS customers are shocked by the cost of services as their business scales. Here are a few ways to minimize your AWS bill without sacrificing performance or availability.

The Manifest Hails Twin Sun as Nashville's Best Recommended Design Company for 2022 Twin Sun's Blog

The Manifest, a business news and how-to website, recognizes Twin Sun as a top design company in Nashville.

Can (and Should) You Patent Your App? Twin Sun's Blog

While you can file a patent application for your entire app, it's rarely worth the time and money. However, there may be parts of your app that are worth patenting.

Who Owns Your App's Code? Twin Sun's Blog

You'd think you own your app's code when you hire an app development agency, but that isn't always the case.

How Do I Protect My App Idea? Twin Sun's Blog

Coming up with your mobile app idea is a huge undertaking on its own. Fortunately, protecting your app idea is simple.

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