DevOps Posts

How We Saved a Client $100,000 Annually by Optimizing Tests Twin Sun's Blog

Learn how improving test suite performance saved one of our clients increased their team's productivity, saving them significant time and money.

Why Amazon Web Services Is Great for Startups Twin Sun's Blog

AWS is the undisputed leader in cloud-based infrastructure. Here's why it's a particularly great choice for startups.

How to Estimate Hosting Costs with Load Testing Twin Sun's Blog

Hosting can become a significant expense as your web app’s popularity grows after release. You can get a decent idea of what your hosting costs will be by running load tests on your application.

Deep Dive: Migrating from a Data Center to AWS Twin Sun's Blog

We migrated several web apps from a client's data center to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Here is how we made it happen.

Securing Sensitive API Calls with Nginx Twin Sun's Blog

We sometimes wish to add an extra layer of authorization between end users and the API. An nginx reverse proxy is an easy way to protect secrets in sensitive API calls.

Saving Money in AWS Without Compromising Availability Twin Sun's Blog

Many AWS customers are shocked by the cost of services as their business scales. Here are a few ways to minimize your AWS bill without sacrificing performance or availability.

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