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Manage App Store Reviews

App Store ratings and reviews are not the end. Once you receive feedback, you will need to manage App Store reviews. Triage bug reports, prioritize software tasks, and respond to users. Turn past negative reviewers into positive reviewers for future versions.

How to Learn from Failure

Nothing feels worse than watching your product or company fail. Use these tactics to learn from failure, adapt to changing situations, and build a more resilient product.

Should You Offer a Free Plan or a Free Trial?

When creating a pricing structure for your SaaS product, what makes more sense? A free plan or a free trial? This article describes the advantages and disadvantages of each approach so you make the best decision for your product.

Competition Abounds - Don't Worry About It, Learn Something

You likely have more competition for your product than you realize. However, competition is really just market validation. Competitors can teach you as much as your own customers. Learn how to listen to competitors to avoid problems they have already faced.

Dogfooding - Build Something You Will Use

Dogfooding is the practice of eating your own dogfood, or using a product that you are creating. Building something you need is a valuable way to validate your product idea.

The Importance of Identifying a Product Goal

Clearly describing your product goal will promote better decision-making by your team. Frame product decisions in terms of the goal. Increase your product's return on investment by focusing only on goal-oriented tasks.

Release Early and Often

Go for launch! Release early and often to validate your ideas more quickly, gather feedback earlier, continue innovating, and increase marketing opportunities.

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