NASHVILLE, March 6, 2023 – Twin Sun, a Nashville-based app development agency, is excited to announce the hiring of Sarah Maginnis as a Software Developer. Sarah is a highly organized and creative law librarian with over 10 years of professional experience in managing complex projects, researching complicated and obscure information, and creating solutions in a team environment.

Sarah’s passion for solving problems with technology led her to excel in the software development bootcamp program at Nashville Software School, where she designed applications addressing real-world problems. Her capstone project, LegalEase, is a productivity tool that helps law students organize their case briefs.

Sarah is an author, having completed her first epic fantasy novel in 2020. She also enjoys writing fan fiction. You can find her latest installment of Killmore Girls, an apocalyptic Gilmore Girls fan fiction series, on her website. When she isn’t writing, Sarah enjoys baking, knitting, reading, and video games.

“We are thrilled to welcome Sarah to our team,” said Twin Sun CTO, Jami Couch. “Her extensive experience in project management, research, and problem-solving makes her a valuable addition to our company. We look forward to the innovative solutions that Sarah will bring to our clients.”