Glint is a popular employee engagement platform that packs a lot of features. It’s a beautifully designed product that gives managers clear insight into which areas are in most need of improvement in their organization.

However, understanding where problems exist is only half of the solution. While Glint provides some actionable guidance based on employee survey feedback, you will need a product with more comprehensive guidance tailored to team members as you look to scale your company. Leadership development should be a defining strength of a growing company, and new leaders will need more guidance than Glint can provide on its own.

Where Glint stands out

Visualizing employee feedback

Glint does a fantastic job of visualizing employee survey feedback. Their employee engagement reports include Glint’s Narrative Intelligence™, an interactive visualization designed to “help you quickly surface key themes and guide specific action.” This includes a breakdown of positive, neutral, and negative sentiments on your team, broken down by individual engagement factors.

Monitoring the entire employee lifecycle

Additionally, Glint has complementary offerings that extend beyond employee engagement. Goal tracking and performance management features give you a central “people platform” for monitoring the employee lifecycle.

Why switch from using Glint?

Despite everything Glint offers, you may find you need an employee engagement platform that offers deeper guidance for your company’s managers.

More comprehensive leadership guidance

While Glint offers some leadership guidance, it does not dive into the details of specific tactics. New leaders can often identify problems and may even identify employee engagement concepts they’ve heard about that should be applied to their team. However, new leaders do not have experience applying leadership concepts to real-world scenarios.

Insight gives your new leaders concrete, actionable guidance that outlines exactly how to improve employee engagement on their team. Step-by-step instructions, scripted examples, third-party research, and reference materials are provided alongside each piece of advice. This level of detail is unique to Insight: neither Glint nor any other alternative employee engagement platform offers such detailed guidance. Additionally, Insight suggests several actions for each engagement factor: instead of having one piece of advice for improving “teamwork,” your managers benefit from several ideas they can lean on for inspiration. This gives leaders flexibility in their approach, allowing them to use their own instinct and leadership style to apply the best available guidance for their team’s needs.

Individualized leadership guidance

Glint only offers team-level action plans. These plans recommend the most impactful areas company leaders should focus on improving. While this maximizes the overall impact of applying a single engagement tactic to your team, it may not be the best action for any specific person.

Insight takes the concept of action plans a step further. It analyzes employee feedback to create an action plan for each employee. This means a manager can focus on the specific actions that are most valuable to the employees who need the most support. In other words, Glint plays to the average, and Insight works to best support each person on your team.

Mobile app fatigue

Smartphone users overwhelmingly experience “app fatigue,” a weariness associated with being inundated with mobile apps. While some will view Glint’s native mobile apps for your employees as a positive, many employees will not want to install another app simply to respond to the occasional employee survey. Additionally, employees may be suspicious about installing corporate apps on their personal devices.

Insight avoids this issue by offering a mobile web-based survey experience. Your employees receive an email with a link to the survey, which works on any device—phone, tablet, or computer—without the need to install an app.

Transparent pricing

Glint, like so many other employee engagement platforms, are not transparent with their pricing. The common sales strategy in the employee engagement space is to assign a salesperson to your account, walk you through a multi-step sales process, and eventually give you a proposal that includes an actual price. Additionally, many products like Glint will not give you the opportunity to try the product before purchasing it. This is due to a tedious onboarding process that requires the support of the product team in order for you to get started.

Insight takes a simpler, more transparent approach. Pricing information is available online. Additionally, Insight offers a free tier that lets you try the product before you buy it. While product demos and screen-sharing sessions are available for Glint and other products to give you an idea of what you’re getting, few employee engagement products let you actually try the product yourself before you commit to a purchase.

Glint's recent acquisition

While no one can predict the future, LinkedIn’s acquisition of Glint adds some uncertainty to Glint’s future as a standalone product offering. LinkedIn’s past acquisitions are a mixed bag of products that were completely incorporated into their platform and products that stand on their own to this day. There is a possibility that Glint will transform into something different than what their customers currently know and love.

Switch from Glint to Insight

Create an account for Insight and you’ll have access to our entire leadership development toolkit. It includes employee engagement surveys and a playbook full of specific actions you can take to increase employee engagement. Send a survey in moments, analyze employee feedback, and read industry-leading leadership advice tailored to your employees’ needs. Send an employee engagement survey with Insight, and we’ll show you exactly how you can best support each team member based on what they care about most.