Dogfooding - Build Something You Will Use

Dogfooding is the practice of eating your own dogfood, or using a product that you are creating. Building something you need is a valuable way to validate your product idea.

The Importance of Identifying a Product Goal

Clearly describing your product goal will promote better decision-making by your team. Frame product decisions in terms of the goal. Increase your product's return on investment by focusing only on goal-oriented tasks.

Release Early and Often

Go for launch! Release early and often to validate your ideas more quickly, gather feedback earlier, continue innovating, and increase marketing opportunities.

Critic JavaScript Library Now Available

You can now use Inventiv Critic for customer feedback within your web app! Use the Critic JavaScript Library to make it simple for your users to provide actionable customer feedback.

Multiple File Attachments Supported by Critic

Multiple file attachments are now supported as part of Critic reports. Gain more actionable customer feedback by attaching all of the log files and screenshots you need to a single report.

Product Fit Checklist - A Method to Win Customers

A product fit checklist describes the benefits that your product offers to a target customer. Learn how to utilize this industry-proven sales tool to supplement your digital marketing efforts.

Introducing Critic, a tool for gathering actionable customer feedback

Inventiv Critic is gives you an easy, flexible way to gather customer feedback in your mobile or web-based software applications.

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