The Five Focusing Steps: A Powerful Way to Reach Your Goals Twin Sun's Blog

The Five Focusing Steps is a powerful tool for making any team or system more productive. Learn how we apply the Theory of Constraints to software development.

Employee Highlight: Zak Raymer Twin Sun's Blog

Gamer, developer, ... game developer. Zak does it all! He's our resident React expert, a Flutter pro, and knows his way around a few web frameworks.

Default to Deny for More Secure Apps Twin Sun's Blog

Default to deny is our application of the principle of least privilege to mobile and web apps.

Here Is How to Change to a Better App Developer Twin Sun's Blog

Is your app developer failing to meet expectations? Here's how to decide if it's time to move on, and how to find a better app development partner.

Don't Build a Dev Team. Hire an Agency for a Quick ROI Twin Sun's Blog

Focusing on your product is a full-time job in itself. Building a team is a long-term commitment to more work.

How to Perfect Your Mobile App Budget Twin Sun's Blog

Planning the budget for your mobile app is critical to its success. Let's look at the costs worth considering, and then walk through crafting the perfect budget.

For WordPress Sites, PHP 8 May Have to Wait Twin Sun's Blog

If you don't upgrade your site to PHP 8, nothing bad will happen right away. Though, the longer you remain on PHP 7.4, the more likely it is your site will become vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Building Better Apps with Automated Tests Twin Sun's Blog

Automated testing is an essential software development practice. Once you become acclimated to testing, you will find that it is a valuable tool that speeds up development.

How to Use Developer Checklists to Increase Your Confidence Twin Sun's Blog

At Twin Sun, we use developer checklists for any events that are rare or complex. Checklists mitigate the risk of human error and improve the quality of our work.

What to Expect From a Code Review Twin Sun's Blog

Some clients come to us with a nearly finished app that their former developer just could not complete. We help them bring it across the finish line.

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