When Fixed Price Makes Sense for Building Your App Twin Sun's Blog

Fixed price contracts can be attractive because they provide a clear price and concrete deliverables for the project. However, there are trade-offs worth considering.

Bring Your Own: Ensuring You Own Your Developer Accounts Twin Sun's Blog

Owning your developer accounts, even if you don't know how to use them, protects your business and minimizes vendor lock-in.

Why Amazon Web Services Is Great for Startups Twin Sun's Blog

AWS is the undisputed leader in cloud-based infrastructure. Here's why it's a particularly great choice for startups.

How to Estimate Hosting Costs with Load Testing Twin Sun's Blog

Hosting can become a significant expense as your web app’s popularity grows after release. You can get a decent idea of what your hosting costs will be by running load tests on your application.

Twice the Speed, Half the Price: Flutter Apps Are a Winner for Startups Twin Sun's Blog

Quality, cost, and time to market are important app development considerations. Flutter outperforms native apps in all three areas.

Does Business Automation Always Make Sense? Twin Sun's Blog

Automating business processes can take your business to the next level, but it is possible to focus on scalability too early.

New Jekyll Plugin for Link Attributes Twin Sun's Blog

Twin Sun has released a new Jekyll plugin that adds helpful attributes to external links.

Deep Dive: Migrating from a Data Center to AWS Twin Sun's Blog

We migrated several web apps from a client's data center to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Here is how we made it happen.

What Happens Off the Happy Path? Twin Sun's Blog

App users don't always do what you expect. Let's consider unexpected deviations from the desired "happy path" and how we can guide users back.

Why We Use Ruby on Rails for Web Apps Twin Sun's Blog

New clients often ask why we use Ruby on Rails. It all comes down to our team's experience and productivity.

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