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Why We Invest in Our Clients Twin Sun's Blog

As your technology partner, we should be just as committed to your success as you are. That's why we are saying yes to more investment opportunities with our clients.

Sustaining Innovation: The Role of APIs in the Age of AI Twin Sun's Blog

APIs are an essential building block of modern software development. AI unlocks the capability of APIs in new ways. Learn how APIs will continue to be important in the Age of AI.

Choosing the Best ChatGPT Plugin Development Company Twin Sun's Blog

Discover the essential steps to choose the best ChatGPT plugin development company for your business.

Why Hourly Contracts Are Great for Building New Apps Twin Sun's Blog

Discover why hourly contracts are the perfect choice for building new apps, and how they maximize feature flexibility within your budget.

How We Saved a Client $100,000 Annually by Optimizing Tests Twin Sun's Blog

Learn how improving test suite performance saved one of our clients increased their team's productivity, saving them significant time and money.

Ways an Agency Can Help You Get Funding for Your App Idea Twin Sun's Blog

From leveraging networks and finding investors to connecting with other funding resources and preparing pitch decks, an agency can provide valuable assistance in the fundraising process.

How to Measure the Success of Your App After Launch Twin Sun's Blog

Launching an app is just the beginning. Tracking, analyzing, and responding to your app's metrics are all key activities to ensure your app's long-term success.

Why the App Development Industry Needs to Clean Up Its Act Twin Sun's Blog

Unethical practices in the app development industry can lower demand for new apps. The app development industry must address these unethical practices to build trust and protect its reputation.

How Generative AI Will Spawn Amazing New App Ideas Twin Sun's Blog

Generative AI has the potential to be a powerful tool for app development. AI can help product managers, designers, and developers come up with new ideas and bring them to life.

The Five Focusing Steps: A Powerful Way to Reach Your Goals Twin Sun's Blog

The Five Focusing Steps is a powerful tool for making any team or system more productive. Learn how we apply the Theory of Constraints to software development.

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