Communication Posts

Schedule One-on-One Time

Schedule one-on-one time with employees to build meaningful connections, understand their concerns, and find ways to improve both of your work experiences.

State Your Assumptions

When you state your assumptions, you are provide context that helps team members best execute against your goals and objectives.

Set Clear Expectations

Set clear expectations to align your team behind goals and objectives. Stating expectations makes it more likely you will accomplish your goals.

Let Me Think a Minute

Ask for a moment before giving a response if something has caught you by surprise. Saying "let me think" ensures you eliminate knee-jerk reactions.

Go to Lunch

Build rapport and hear new perspectives by inviting an employee to go to lunch. Focus on connecting with each other as people.

Go for a Walk

Go for a walk with someone on your team to discuss how things are going. This informal setting equalizes the supervisor-report dynamics.

Ask for Their Thoughts

When faced with a difficult problem, give your people an opportunity to assist. Ask for their thoughts or recommendations.

Ask for Feedback on Your Performance

Ask for feedback on your performance from your employees, either face-to-face or through a note depending on your mutual comfort level.

State Your Beliefs

Hearing from one's leader about what he or she believes can have a powerful impact on morale and motivation. State your beliefs to reinforce what you feel is important to your team.

Let Them Think a Minute

Give people time to think before giving you a response to a big decision. Requests for assistance, or other changes in their expectations often require time to process. Let them think for a moment before forming their response.

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