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Sustaining Innovation: The Role of APIs in the Age of AI Twin Sun's Blog

APIs are an essential building block of modern software development. AI unlocks the capability of APIs in new ways. Learn how APIs will continue to be important in the Age of AI.

How We Saved a Client $100,000 Annually by Optimizing Tests Twin Sun's Blog

Learn how improving test suite performance saved one of our clients increased their team's productivity, saving them significant time and money.

How Generative AI Will Spawn Amazing New App Ideas Twin Sun's Blog

Generative AI has the potential to be a powerful tool for app development. AI can help product managers, designers, and developers come up with new ideas and bring them to life.

Default to Deny for More Secure Apps Twin Sun's Blog

Default to deny is our application of the principle of least privilege to mobile and web apps.

For WordPress Sites, PHP 8 May Have to Wait Twin Sun's Blog

If you don't upgrade your site to PHP 8, nothing bad will happen right away. Though, the longer you remain on PHP 7.4, the more likely it is your site will become vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Building Better Apps with Automated Tests Twin Sun's Blog

Automated testing is an essential software development practice. Once you become acclimated to testing, you will find that it is a valuable tool that speeds up development.

How to Use Developer Checklists to Increase Your Confidence Twin Sun's Blog

At Twin Sun, we use developer checklists for any events that are rare or complex. Checklists mitigate the risk of human error and improve the quality of our work.

What to Expect From a Code Review Twin Sun's Blog

Some clients come to us with a nearly finished app that their former developer just could not complete. We help them bring it across the finish line.

Twice the Speed, Half the Price: Flutter Apps Are a Winner for Startups Twin Sun's Blog

Quality, cost, and time to market are important app development considerations. Flutter outperforms native apps in all three areas.

New Jekyll Plugin for Link Attributes Twin Sun's Blog

Twin Sun has released a new Jekyll plugin that adds helpful attributes to external links.

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