Development Posts

Building Better Apps with Automated Tests Twin Sun's Blog

Automated testing is an essential software development practice. Once you become acclimated to testing, you will find that it is a valuable tool that speeds up development.

How to Use Developer Checklists to Increase Your Confidence Twin Sun's Blog

At Twin Sun, we use developer checklists for any events that are rare or complex. Checklists mitigate the risk of human error and improve the quality of our work.

What to Expect From a Code Review Twin Sun's Blog

Some clients come to us with a nearly finished app that their former developer just could not complete. We help them bring it across the finish line.

Twice the Speed, Half the Price: Flutter Apps Are a Winner for Startups Twin Sun's Blog

Quality, cost, and time to market are important app development considerations. Flutter outperforms native apps in all three areas.

New Jekyll Plugin for Link Attributes Twin Sun's Blog

Twin Sun has released a new Jekyll plugin that adds helpful attributes to external links.

What Happens Off the Happy Path? Twin Sun's Blog

App users don't always do what you expect. Let's consider unexpected deviations from the desired "happy path" and how we can guide users back.

Why We Use Ruby on Rails for Web Apps Twin Sun's Blog

New clients often ask why we use Ruby on Rails. It all comes down to our team's experience and productivity.

Building a Ruby on Rails App with a Legacy Database Twin Sun's Blog

We needed to utilize data from a legacy app without impacting the existing user experience. Therefore, we decided to connect a new API to the existing database.

Securing Sensitive API Calls with Nginx Twin Sun's Blog

We sometimes wish to add an extra layer of authorization between end users and the API. An nginx reverse proxy is an easy way to protect secrets in sensitive API calls.

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