Employee Engagement Ideas Playbook

This playbook offers concrete, guided actions leaders can take with team members to increase their employee engagement. Make the most of these employee engagement ideas by building action plans in Insight.

Ask "How's It Going?"

When asking team members a question, they'll usually assume you're looking for a specific answer, which limits the insight and support you can offer your people. Broaden your conversations by asking a simple open-ended question: how's it going?

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Give a Day Off/Work From Home

Direct an employee to either take the day off or work from home. This is a great reward as compensation time for someone who has been putting in extra time to meet a deadline or is otherwise working to support the team's goals.

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Give Socratic Guidance

Generally speaking, people like being able to solve their own problems. When they come to you with unsolved problems, it is an opportunity to help them become better at solving their problems themselves.

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Let Them Think a Minute

Give people time to think before giving you a response to a big decision. Requests for assistance, proposed changes to their roles or responsibilities, and other shocks often require time to process.

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Provide Context, Not Control

Provide the information (the context) to a team or team member in order to allow them to make their own decision about how to respond to a situation rather than simply telling them what to do (asserting managerial control).

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State Your Beliefs

Hearing from one’s leader about what he or she believes can have a powerful impact on morale and motivation. Consistently stating what you feel is important and how you think your team can get there helps align them to a purpose.

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