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Tie Professional Goals to Compensation Goals

Compensation is a sensitive topic for many employees. Tie compensation conversations to employees' professional goals to guide a productive conversation.

Schedule One-on-One Time

Schedule one-on-one time with employees to build meaningful connections, understand their concerns, and find ways to improve both of your work experiences.

Encourage Employees to Take Smart Risks

Take smart risks with your employees to unlock their full potential. If they successfully reach a difficult goal, they'll feel more masterful and you will have a more valuable employee.

Walk Around the Office

Humanize yourself with team members that don't typically have a reason to speak with you. Walk around the office and talk to people to increase rapport.

State Your Assumptions

When you state your assumptions, you are provide context that helps team members best execute against your goals and objectives.

Set Clear Expectations

Set clear expectations to align your team behind goals and objectives. Stating expectations makes it more likely you will accomplish your goals.

Recognize Performance with Personalized Gifts

Purchase a personalized gift to recognize a team member's contributions. Your employee will appreciate you sending a gift you know they'll love.

Praise via Company Announcement

Praise via company announcement is a simple way to recognize the incredible efforts of a team member. Take a moment to publicly thank them for great work.

Offer Specialized Training

Invest in the professional development of your people to increase their job satisfaction. Offer specialized training to maximize your employee ROI.

Let Me Think a Minute

Ask for a moment before giving a response if something has caught you by surprise. Saying "let me think" ensures you eliminate knee-jerk reactions.

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