Why Choose Insight If You're Switching from Glint

Why choose Insight over Glint for your employee engagement platform? If you are looking to switch from Glint, Insight is a great alternative.

What Employees Want at Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us! Here are some ways you can give employees what they want most from their employers during the holiday season.

Recognize Performance with Personalized Gifts

Purchase a personalized gift to recognize a team member's contributions. Your employee will appreciate you sending a gift you know they'll love.

Are You a Horrible Boss?

If you lead any sort of team, chances are you'll eventually ask yourself if you are a horrible boss. Here's how to tell and what you can do to improve.

Praise via Company Announcement

Praise via company announcement is a simple way to recognize the incredible efforts of a team member. Take a moment to publicly thank them for great work.

12 Ways to Stop Surprises on Your Team

Here are 12 ways to stop surprises at work, before, while, and after they happen. Learn how to address small problems early.

Offer Specialized Training

Invest in the professional development of your people to increase their job satisfaction. Offer specialized training to maximize your employee ROI.

Let Me Think a Minute

Ask for a moment before giving a response if something has caught you by surprise. Saying "let me think" ensures you eliminate knee-jerk reactions.

Glint and Qualtrics Acquisitions: What's Going On?

Glint was recently acquired by LinkedIn. Shortly thereafter, SAP acquired Qualtrics. This is a big deal in the employee engagement space.

Go to Lunch

Build rapport and hear new perspectives by inviting an employee to go to lunch. Focus on connecting with each other as people.

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