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New Feature: Demo Data in Insight

To help you experience everything Insight has to offer as easily as possible, you can now add demo data to your account with the push of a button.

Better Reporting is Now Available in Insight

We have released new manager dashboards and survey reports. This better reporting experience helps you take meaningful action.

Critic Update: New Onboarding Experience, Mobile Libraries

Critic has a fresh, new onboarding experience! Try signing up today and see how easy it is to add bug reports to your mobile and web apps.

Critic API Now Provides Access to All Features

The Critic API now provides a way to interact with all of the functionality you see in the Critic web portal. Create your own integrations, query the API for information, or perform a full data export for further analysis of product feedback reported by your customers.

Critic JavaScript Library Now Available

You can now use Inventiv Critic for customer feedback within your web app! Use the Critic JavaScript Library to make it simple for your users to provide actionable customer feedback.

Multiple File Attachments Supported by Critic

Multiple file attachments are now supported as part of Critic reports. Gain more actionable customer feedback by attaching all of the log files and screenshots you need to a single report.

Introducing Critic, a tool for gathering actionable customer feedback

Inventiv Critic is gives you an easy, flexible way to gather customer feedback in your mobile or web-based software applications.

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