Customer Feedback Posts

Positive Feedback is Free Marketing

Learn how to identify positive feedback from customers, app store reviews, and other online posts as free marketing material for your product. Follow these tips to maximize the impact your promoters have on bringing you new users and paying customers.

Encourage Positive App Store Reviews

How do you encourage users to post positive App Store reviews? This guide describes ways to make it easy to review your app and ask for feedback at appropriate times. It also covers disallowed tactics you should avoid when asking for ratings and reviews.

Manage App Store Reviews

App Store ratings and reviews are not the end. Once you receive feedback, you will need to manage App Store reviews. Triage bug reports, prioritize software tasks, and respond to users. Turn past negative reviewers into positive reviewers for future versions.

Prevent Negative App Store Reviews

Negative App Store reviews will discourage new users from installing your app. Learn what steps to take to prevent negative App Store reviews by addressing bugs and user feedback as early as possible with in-app feedback.

Responding to Problems - Craft Your Message

Learn about the importance of responding to problems such as bug reports, downtime, or other customer concerns. This article guides you through all aspects of crafting an impactful response to problems.

How to Learn from Failure

Nothing feels worse than watching your product or company fail. Use these tactics to learn from failure, adapt to changing situations, and build a more resilient product.

8 Data Points to Help Diagnose Software Problems

Are you having difficulty diagnosing software problems with your app? These 8 data points will help you identify and fix bugs reported by your users. Also provided are helpful tips on how to replicate and resolve issues related to symptoms discovered by these data points.

Release Early and Often

Go for launch! Release early and often to validate your ideas more quickly, gather feedback earlier, continue innovating, and increase marketing opportunities.

Critic JavaScript Library Now Available

You can now use Inventiv Critic for customer feedback within your web app! Use the Critic JavaScript Library to make it simple for your users to provide actionable customer feedback.

Multiple File Attachments Supported by Critic

Multiple file attachments are now supported as part of Critic reports. Gain more actionable customer feedback by attaching all of the log files and screenshots you need to a single report.

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