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The Top Challenges Facing Businesses in Their SEO Journey Twin Sun's Blog

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy for reaching your target audience. Learn about the top challenges facing businesses starting their SEO journey.

What Happens Off the Happy Path? Twin Sun's Blog

App users don't always do what you expect. Let's consider unexpected deviations from the desired "happy path" and how we can guide users back.

Listening: The Simplest Way to Find Your Brand's Voice Twin Sun's Blog

How do you define your brand's voice? We uncovered the top three qualities of our communication that clients already respond to and amplified those qualities across all of our marketing.

How Often Should You Survey Your Team?

There are a few common survey cadences most companies adhere to. How can you determine when you should survey your team? We break down the common schedules, types of surveys, and the critical deciding factor for scheduling your company's surveys.

Make Job Ads Stand Out: Start with Purpose

Most job ads you find online are very bland. They describe who you're working for and what you'll be doing. Rarely do you find one that tells you why you're needed. Start with your organization's purpose to attract more people willing to achieve greatness.

Recruiting is Marketing

New hire recruiting is one of the most important marketing investments you can make. Learn about the importance of selling your company to potential employees.

Positive Feedback is Free Marketing

Learn how to identify positive feedback from customers, app store reviews, and other online posts as free marketing material for your product. Follow these tips to maximize the impact your promoters have on bringing you new users and paying customers.

Encourage Positive App Store Reviews

How do you encourage users to post positive App Store reviews? This guide describes ways to make it easy to review your app and ask for feedback at appropriate times. It also covers disallowed tactics you should avoid when asking for ratings and reviews.

Should You Offer a Free Plan or a Free Trial?

When creating a pricing structure for your SaaS product, what makes more sense? A free plan or a free trial? This article describes the advantages and disadvantages of each approach so you make the best decision for your product.

Being Featured on Product Hunt: My Experience and Lessons Learned

Critic was recently featured on Product Hunt! Read about our experience preparing for launch, how we got featured, and what we recommend if you want to be featured on Product Hunt.

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